Sitting right between a simulation experiment and a game, Racedriver is a tiny bit of “game-ware” that will take you to sports (and not so sporty) races to get the best clock and win the Barracuda City Championships!

The game race system use real world physics: the engine of every car runs (is simulated) inside the memory, therefore, the power drawn is variable, there is a gear system that includes human delay of switching, in the curves, the centrifugal force applies! All of the data output is close-to-realist, with the will of turning it into a game.

The game navigation reside on a powerful XML/Lua based engine, very convenient to alter the behaviour of any menu of the game. A full documentation about modding is available on the githhub repository. Most of the game data is exposed within lua, therefore you could actually turn racedriver into a J-RPG! (though this is not recommended)

All of the game parts, tracks and content (Cars, Engines, Spoilers, Tires, …) are described in JSON format which is very easy to edit, and allows you to change any parameter of any given part, add more, or create your own !

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