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Meet the Jack of all trades you need !
Hi, I’m Maxime. Let me tell you a brief story… 

My interest for new technologies started a while ago, born of a IT Engineer father, I haven’t waited long to get my paws on a computer keyboard. Overly into development since my youth, I decided to study for a Master in Computer Science at EPITECH Paris. Two years later, I started aside of my formation the creation of an urban culture web-magazine targeting the youth. Strong of its modest but acceptable success, I started working more and more on my articles, therefore I wanted to offer visual storytelling. Photography there comes very timely, and I discovered a passion for it. Resulting almost simultaneously in a particular interest into urban exploration, leading me to professional gear purchase. Six months later, after I met a few actors of that activity, and the obtainment of the EPITECH Bachelor in 3 years, I jump into digital communication.

Write the rest !

First name: Martens
Last name: Maxime
Age: 21
Nationality: French
Communication & Digital
It’s a sector I discovered only a few months ago, yet I’m a huge daily consumer of medias of any kind on internet, and more particularly on social networks. Strong of an extra-professional tutoring by actors of that sector, I gradually found it pretty fun. Today, I post on Instagram daily, and manage all the accounts on social networks of the projects I maintain and participate into, particularly my urban magazine. I’m the one we are looking at because he spends too much time on the wording! Nevertheless, I still manage to easily create a trustful contact with my interlocutors.
Photography & Creation
My philosophy in photography is creation. I don’t really see a limit when talking about artistic expression on a photography; also, I like to exaggerate shadows and darken my pictures, because the black color carries a lot of intelligence without showing it. I give a careful consideration to urban landscapes, ornate or not by graffiti’s and more generally street-arts, still remaining interested into buildings and architecture and their symmetry. 
More recently, I introduce portraits in my albums, and am wishing to contrast abandoned places I use to go to with full of life models ! I also do street shootings, darker and solemn, that allows lights and shadows plays. 
Development & Conception
In short : Connected. I’m not talking about me, but about my particular interest about connected objects. Deeply into this revolution with the development of a very popular IoT platform, I design and implement innovative solutions that answer the human needs of today’s society. I strongly practiced object-oriented languages since youth, which I find more interesting in their conception process, and their logic once mastered is proven exceptionally powerful.
Looking forward to discuss or work with me ? Feel free to contact me !

Tél : 06 59 34 96 12

Saint Michel sur Orge
91240 FRANCE